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Open City are an architectural charity which strives to promote excellence in design quality by advocating an inclusive and informed approach to our cities. The work of the education team encourages young people to participate in discussions about the built environment, and understand their role in shaping the space they inhabit.

Projects undertaken while at Open City included the design of the My Green School learning resource. This online resource outlines lesson plans and activities which can be undertaken with Key Stage 2 students (aged 7-11) which explore architecture and sustainability. This required the development of age appropriate activities, description and explanation to make complex themes accessible, and detailing lesson plans to fit the national curriculum guidelines. This resource is now widely available for use.

Architecture in Schools Primary partners schools and architectural professionals, working with over 3,000 students a year, giving students the advantage of experience within their classroom, and arranging building explorations which demonstrate principles as applied in inspiring buildings. While working as Education Intern at Open City, Amy managed part of this programme, acting as the Open City Education representative in several schools across the UK, liaising with teachers to assist them in the preparation of lessons. Amy prepared and led classes for students aged 7-11, and led groups of up to 15 students on building visits.

Projects with Open City as part of their education team and while in practice:
July 2010 - Summer Architecture Academy, visiting tutor, age 12-16
2010 - 2011 - Education Intern, developed material for the My Green School learning resource, visiting tutor for Architecture in Schools Primary, age 7-11
July - December 2011 - Architecture in Schools Secondary - visiting professional and tutor for a class of year 9 students, age 13-14
June 2012 - City of a Thousand Architects - education assistant for a drop in model making session for children of all ages
July - December 2012 - Architecture in Schools Secondary - visiting professional and tutor for a class of year 9 students, age 13-14
March - September 2012 - Accelerate into Architecture - mentor in practice for a year 12 student, aged 16, with an interest in studying architecture in further education

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